How do I activate my Rewards card?

Changes for One4all Activate Later Gift Cards:

1. Activation Timeframe:

  • Historic Orders (Purchased Before 3rd October 2023): If you have One4all gift cards that were purchased and delivered before the 3rd October 2023, these cards will now be activated within 24 hours after we receive your activation request.
  • New Orders (On or After 3rd October 2023): For cards purchased and/or released after the 3rd October 2023, activation will be even faster, taking just 30 minutes after we receive and process your activation request. Our dedicated activation team will provide you with the specific activation time.

2. New Activation Process:

For Cards Ordered and Released Before 3rd October 2023:

Whether you need to activate a batch of cards or just a single card, please call our dedicated Customer Service team on +353 1 5769805.

For Cards Ordered and/or Released On or After 3rd October 2023:

  • Bulk Card Activations: Clients can contact their respective Account Manager within the Incentives Sales Team to activate all cards in a single order simultaneously.
  • Individual Card Activations: Clients and cardholders can call our dedicated Customer Service team on +353 1 5769805 to request the activation of individual cards.

Please note that the activation process via our website will no longer be available. We have transitioned to a dedicated phone service to provide you with a more efficient activation experience.

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