Why am I getting a 'Card activation already handled' error or 'Card already associated to an account' message?

The 'Card Activation Already Handled' error message appears when your gift card has already started the activation process, either under the account you are logging into or a different account. 

To check if your card has started activation on an account please follow the below:  
- Log into your account on one4all.ie. 
- Once logged in select Card activation from the menu 
- Please scroll down and under 'Add a new card', you will see a status of all your current cards
- If your card number is already appearing you must complete the ID verification process.  You will have a received an SMS message with further instructions on how to do this
- If you card number is not appearing please check any other One4all accounts you might have. 
Once activation has been requested under an account it must be finished under the same account, you cannot restart the activation of a card on a different account. 
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