How do I use the One4all App on Android to spend in store?

Adding cards to the One4all app and setting as default payment

-Log into the One4all app using your online account credentials

-If a pop-up appears asking to ‘Replace default payment app?’ then you must allow it to be able to use the One4all app to make contactless payments

-Click on the image of a card with a + symbol on the top left hand corner

-Enter your card number, CVV and expiry date

-Click 'Next' and your card will now be visible in the app

Spending in store

-At the point of payment, open the app

-Scroll to the card you wish to pay with

-Tap the back of your phone on the card machine

-Enter your phone's passcode or biometrics (depending on your settings) if requested

-Your phone may beep or vibrate to confirm the transaction

Note: You must have NFC (Near Field Communication) enabled and switched on on your device to allow contactless payments. One4all does not impose any limit on the amount you can spend for but some retailers may so it is best to ask before purchasing.

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