I do not wish to complete the ID Pal process

Our physical gift cards have a maximum load of €150, this is due to new Anti-Money Laundering regulations effective from 10.01.2020, As we are obligated to comply with EU regulations all e-money products and us being regulated by Central Bank of Ireland we are currently prevented from issuing cards with a balance more than €150. As a result of this legislation the maximum online spend with a One4All Gift Card is €50.

To avoid this and issue cards over the value of €150, we now issue Chip & PIN cards/ reloadable digital gift card as we are an e-money product and need to comply with the EU regulations around these products, customers now need to complete the ID Pal process to activate their card, this is the same process for every Chip & Pin / reloadable EU regulated product.

Please note that if you have received a digital reloadable gift card from your employer, they have been made aware of the process and agreed to this for themselves and any member of their staff that will be receiving the product.

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